Studio42 music production
Producer / Engineer Leipzig, Germany

Hi I am a freelance audio engineer running a recording studio in the eastern part of Germany. I am in the business for almost 10years and started my own base 3years ago. Feel free to contact me for tracking on my Neve Portico or my great Soundtracs Quartz console. Great for drumming, for sure. The Neve Portico II Channel makes so much more from almost every single Track it is just awesome. but whom does I tell that :-)

Services: Mixing, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


80 EUR / song (up to 32 tracks) max 5min
100 EUR / song 5min+


Multitrack Drum edit manually, Kill fuck ups, little gating, taking care of phasing, bleeding, .... the whole shit :-)
150 EUR / 8h


I can arrange up to a "wall of sound" from a vocal-guitar singer songwriter piece. Strings, Brass, Drums, Pads, addGUitars, electronic beats, Bass (both acoustic oder synth), noise, ....
Contact me for details, it depends on the amount of "sound"

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