Markustik Audio
Musician, Producer / Engineer Mainz, Germany

In audio engineering since 2000, I´m now working as a producer, recording and mixing engineer at the markustik audio studio in Mainz.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer


Clients first!
I am not only watching levels and frequencies but I am catching the idea of the artist/client and taking it to the next level.
Having much experience in Pro Tools I am doing much mixing work in the digital domain.
For many projects I am also using the SSL AWS 948 for summing and parallel processing tasks.


When mastering a song, I always try to stay as close to the idea of the mix as possible. To me the vibe, drive and spirit of the song are the important factors that define my workflow.


Editing is a broad field. Despite removing every kind of unwanted noise, I´m doing almost every kind of edits from drum timing/aligning to vocal editing/tuning.


As a choir conductor and producer arranging music is my everyday job. Send me your musical ideas or musical snippets and I am taking them to the next level.
  • Very quick response and easy to deal with.