/ Analog Mixing And Mastering
Musician, Producer / Engineer , Estonia

You probably heard of mastering platforms that use “presets” to automatically “master” your music online.
We wish to tell you one thing that they will never ever tell you - none of these platforms will ever be able to HEAR and FEEL the sound and music as human engineer will.
There might be (a missing) frequency in your track that could create a masterpiece and “automatic” mastering platform will never notice that.

We love human approach to our work and like to bring extra life to your music by processing it with one of a kind gear setup and keeping an ear on details.

Our engineers have over 15 years experience in music production and music business, we developed (and always will) unique combinations of analog vintage equipment, prototype one of a kind “High-End” class transformers summing mixers, highest-quality AD/DA converters, high-class cables and connectors, premium class industry standard monitoring systems and modern technology to get satisfying mixing and mastering results

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer


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