Mike Whetzel
Musician, Producer / Engineer Nashville, TN, United States

Mike Whetzel is an audio engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. After attending John and Martina McBride's Blackbird Academy Professional School of Audio, he interned at the world-renowned Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Following a year of commercial A/V installation work with Clair Bros Audio Systems, Mike mixed monitors for the multi-platinum rock band .38 Special, and also the violinist and Youtube sensation Lindsey Stirling's summer 2016 tour. He then mixed Front of House audio for Robert Randolph & the Family Band for nearly two years, in addition to stints working with Rex Brown of Pantera and others. Mike now mixes Front of House for multi-platinum 80's rock act Great White.

In past years, Mike worked full time as an audio engineer & backline tech at SIR Nashville's rehearsal studios.

Mike has experience mixing a wide variety of musical artists, both live and in the studio.

Services: Mixing, Editing


I mix through a hybrid analog/digital setup using Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I use Antelope Orion 32+ converters into either my hot-rodded Soundcraft Ghost console or my vintage Heil Sound HM1200 mixer. My Studer A810 stereo analog tape machine allows me to master to tape if desired.

I can also re-amp samples and dry DI recordings through my Kemper amp profiler. The Kemper, in my opinion, is the greatest amp simulator on the market right now because of the way it actually profiles the "feel" of an amp rather than just attempting to approximate the sound digitally. I have thousands of different amp profiles, and they all sound great! Even some of the biggest names in Rock and Roll are switching to this technology because it sounds so good.

I offer re-amping, mixing, summing, and processing services using any of my gear. I also have much additional gear that isn't listed, such as high quality guitars, drums, microphones, amplifiers, ukelele, keyboards, piano, etc.


I have the capability to tune and edit vocals, comp and edit multiple tracks down to final arrangements, and if desired, sum with an analog console and a Studer A810 analog master tape machine.

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