Producer / Engineer Damme, Belgium

Hi! I’m Benny, a certified Belgium based audio edit/mixing engineer & musicpreneur. My company Mix-Notes is the hangout for my endeavours in the field of audio engineering, producing and various music business related activities. In short, to do my thing as a full-time audio professional & fanatic devotee.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer


At the moment I offer In The Box mixing services in Pro Tools, with a huge collection of quality plug-ins. I'm working from my small cozy home-studio that I'm continuously improving. As a perfectionist I take 3 to 4 days out per mix depending on the complexity of the song.

Feel free to drop me a line if you interested in working together.


Although editing is a very precise tedious job that a lot of audio engineers dislike, it is one of my favorite parts of the job before a mix.

Wake up early, open up the session, get myself a large pot of fresh coffee and start the job with a critical listen.

My general edit work flow contains the following skills. Initial listen of the source material & taking notes of the strengths & weaknesses, and get right to it.

Removal of lip & mouth noises, smacks, clicks, etc. Corrective Processing, Restoring & De-clipping etc. if needed & possible. Time align of all acoustically (mic’d) recorded instruments.

Quantizing (beat detective) and/or sample replacement if needed, pitch correction and so on. The list of possible things to do that might benefit your song is quite endless.

So drop me line if I can be at your service!


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