MK Mastering Studio
Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

MK Mastering Studio is run by audio engineer Zoran Jurisic aka Marthin Klein. His interest in a Music took him through seventeen
years of DJing. Immediately after completing sound engineering courses and a degree Zoran Jurisic start he's Mastering Studio.

Maselec MLA 3 Multiband
Maselec MPL 2 Peak and high frequency Limiter
Elysia XFilter EQ
Chandler Limited TG12345 Curve Bender EQ
MKc1 Mastering and Monitoring Control, Low-High Cut, Elliptical Filter, MS Proces, Paralel Kompresion
Mitek 8x192 ADDA DSD Convert
Vovox Sonorus

Services: Mastering

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