Mystery Room Mastering
Studio Milwaukee, United States

Audio mastering studio specializing in all styles of music using an analog/digital hybrid setup with only the finest analog and digital tools. Attention to detail is an essential part of the mastering process to ensure no harm is ever done to the source audio.

We specialize in providing masters optimized for all formats including DDP (for CD production), 16-bit/44.1k WAV for standard digital distribution, 24-bit/96k for Mastered For iTunes/Bandcamp/SoundCloud/Archives, 48k WAV optimized for video editors, vinyl pre-mastering, cassette pre-mastering, as well as reference mp3 files fully tagged with metadata and artwork that look professional for promotional use and for digital download card services.

Services: Mastering, Editing


I use a combination of the finest analog and digital tools. All sample rate conversions are handled by Weiss Saracon. There can be value in upsampling from 44.1k or 48k to 96k prior to any additional analog and/or digital processing and Weiss Saracon handles this beautifully with Swiss precision and without any degradation.

PSI studio monitors. AVAA (active bass traps), and Crane Song Avocet ensure extremely accurate and detailed monitoring.


All mastering projects receive a thorough scan for any clicks, pops, ticks, thumps, glitches, and other anomalies that may have been missed while mixing, or have become more audible after the mastering process improves clarity and increases the average loudness of the material and issues may come to the surface.

These issues are carefully repaired with iZotope RX6 as needed. You may be surprised how many things are overlooked in mixing but can still be addressed in mastering thanks to spectral editing.

I can also provide spectral editing to clean up any noise or issues on your multitrack files to address any issues prior to mastering.

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