Neon Audio
Producer / Engineer Lawrence, MA, United States

I am a mix and mastering engineer who values what analog processing does to my productions. I've assembled a collection of gear to assist in my work, and I'd love to share the sonic goodness with others, whether that's through mixing, mastering, or instrument processing.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing


I like to utilize my analog gear when mixing to impart that special character, warmth, and depth that only analog processing can provide. But my main focus for each mix is to make the song as emotionally engaging as possible. That’s done by always having an ear on what will connect with a listener, and enhancing those moments.


I love to add some analog flavor in mastering, but my main focus is making the mix sound as best as possible on any playback system. I also leave plenty of punch and dynamics in my masters by optimizing loudness without over compressing or limiting.
  • Great person with great gear! really helped me out alot!!!
  • quick and with great taste. Fits my mix very well.
  • Fantastic results! I love it. Thanks so much.