Nikolai Yonker
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio London, United Kingdom

I'm a mixer, sound engineer, producer and bass player. Although I have more plugins than you can shake a stick at, my forte is in amazing analog effects (some are really quite rare, and I personally sourced and selected the best revision of some of the more common effects on my list). These can be arranged in as many or as few combinations as required. In saying this, I am willing do a special price for a bespoke signal chain. All sorts of sounds can be achieved.

I use Lava cables, Essential Sound power cables (where I can) and Apogee Converters. No part of the signal chain is compromised.... Ohh and did I mention reamping through my tasty and fully valved DB680 and DB728 Aguilar bass rig.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer

  • Excellent work, quick and sounds great!