Noel Molenda
Producer / Engineer Los Angeles, CA, United States

I have been engineering and producing for over ten years. I am currently working out of Hollywood, CA. I have a home studio that is acoustically treated and tuned for excellent mix results. I have an extensive selection of audio plugins, and several pieces on great analog gear to use on your mixes. I have Melodyne for pitch correction and a few good amps for reamping as well.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Studio


I mix in Pro Tools with analog an digital processing. I have an extensive list of plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Slate Digital, and more.


Most of my mastering processing is done in the box. Excellent ears, monitoring, and a well-tuned room are some of the most important tools for mastering, but some of my favorites for the job are:
Slate Virtual Console Collection
Slate Virtual Tape Machines
Slate FG-x
UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
UAD Millennia NSEQ-2
Fabfilter Pro-Q 2


Whether its pitch correcting vocals with Melodyne, quantizing your drum tracks, or simply deleting unwanted noise, adding fades, etc. I can bring your tracks closer to a commercial sound

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