Oskar Glasbergen Drums & Production
Producer / Engineer Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm an engineer/producer and drummer from Amsterdam, NL. I own and run a recording studio in the same city, specialize in drum production, but always enjoy taking on full bands. I have a small but growing collection of compressors and effects that help me create beautiful analogue sounds to combine with my in the box mixing skills.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer, Studio


My favorite mixes are a hybrid of digital workflow and analog sound shaping. It's a great way to gain depth, character and color from vintage outboard, without losing to ability to recall. I am experienced in delivering mixes to mastering engineer's specs. I mix in Logic Pro 9 at the moment, please deliver consolidated/separately bounced tracks and we're good to go!


I don't hit the quantize button. I prefer keeping the feel alive and editing note-by-note till it's perfect. I love editing drums, and vocals specifically, as it's those instruments that you can sometimes get a little lost in due to the multitude of tracks, and takes.
  • Oskar has been a pleasure to deal with. Interesting equipment to use, swift turn around - with excellent results :) This has been my first experience with The Audio Hunt and Oskar kindly showed me the ropes. Would highly recommend :) Thanks again mate
  • Great results. quick, professional, and very easy to work with, can't wait to work with Oskar again!
  • Quality audio. Quality service. What can I say - use it and abuse it! It's a steal for the price