Outback Recordings - Benedikt Hain
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio Zwiesel, Bavaria, Germany

Outback Recordings is a professional recording, mixing and mastering studio owned and operated by Benedikt Hain.

- high-end gear (analog and digital)
- big collection of microphones
- 3 state-of-the-art DAWs (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic) for maximum compatibility
- latest plugins by UAD, Slate, Fabfilter, Waves, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance, a.m.m.
- custom made acoustical treatment in both the control- and the recording-room
- several instruments and amps

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer, Studio


I'm a full-time mixer, producer and engineer working mostly out of my own studio "Outback Recordings" in Germany. I do a lot of Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Indie and Stoner productions but I am certainly not limited to these genres. If I think I can make it sound amazing, I will take on the job and do everything to satisfy the client and get the best out of the material. Always.


I offer drum-editing, vocal-editing, pitch correction, guitar- & bass-editing and basically every kind of editing you can imagine. I listen to the material and if I can fix it, or improve the performance in any way, I'll do it.

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