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In a full mix, your tracks will each be passed through your selected hardware, whether it be on individual tracks or on busses. An example of a typical drum stem mix might be...... Perhaps the kick drum will go through the Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel and the Snare through the RND Shelford. I love to use a pair of Trident 4t channels on overheads, the “tilt” type EQ thing is wonderful. Then perhaps if requested, sum the drums through the RND 5059 Summing Mixer into either the RND MBP Master Bus Processor, the API 2500 Compressor, the Bettermaker C502V (great in “G” comp mode) or the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. Perhaps insert the API 5500 EQ or the Clariphonic MS before and or after the Compressor. Don’t forget the Bricasti M7 reverb. The drums can be printed as a stereo stem. Every element in the mix has access to any chain of gear in the studio via Switchcraft and Bittree patchbays, meaning each signal chain only converts in and out once. We are monitoring on PMC.


Whether it be from stems or a stereo file, we can accommodate and give your music that final shine.
While we do have several chains to choose from, one I personally love is
API 5500 EQ -
Bettermaker C502V OR API 2500 -
Kush Clariphonic MS -
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
The entire chain is patched via mogami cable and patchbays, not making several io conversions between each piece of hardware. The entire master chain is then treated with loudness maximizing software, getting your mix up to commercial level and doing so with all the character and superb dynamic control the worlds finest hardware manufacturers can offer.


Editing services are not only available but encouraged!
We are more than happy to do it all.
Re-amping (with real amps and real mics)
Vocal comps
Breath edits
Fades/Crossfades etc
Sound design
Drum replacement

Just imagine it and we can do it.


We have decades of experience as performers and writers as well as recording engineers and producers and with the access we have to real, world class musicians in many genres, we can craft the music you want to make and people will want to hear.

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