Pindos Music
Musician, Producer / Engineer Arta, Greece

Hi there, let me introduce myself. I am a musician with a background in Balkan, Tango, Greek, Musette /Swing and rootsy singer-songwriter styles. I've been making my own alternative instruments and have been employing them live and in the studio. I also use everyday objects to create sounds. I've been on and off running a part time studio with a focus on acoustic styles. During the past 15 years I have gathered a very nice setup of hi end mics and outboard, and some quite special guitars. Apart of recording and mixing other people's tracks, I also have been working with singer-songwriters, re-arranging songs and adding parts and sonic layers.
My instruments include:
-National Resophonics 'El Trovador'
-Kim Lissarague classical baritone guitar
-Luca Waldner Spanish guitar in Torres style
-Bruno vintage parlour style guitar with Brazilian Rosewood back & sides
-The Claudeviol, a self made bowed 3-stringed instrument with a wild sound
- The Banjobass
-Bike Tyre bass
-Musical Saw

Services: Mixing, Arranging, Producer


My mixing skills have been honed for acoustic music, but rather than doing clean and clinical mixing, I am always processing and rerecording sounds in order to bring out their characters. I mix mostly analogue using a setup with two SSL X-Desks, an X-Rack with EQ's, a Crane Song STC-8 on the mixbus and some vintage modules and guitar pedals. Monitors are PMC AML2.


Not quite the usual, I have a palette of sounds available with my instruments. With these I can create interesting arrangements. I am always looking for sounds with a lot of character, sounds which evoque emotions. Musically I am inspired by lots of old recordings from rootsy / traditional music from all over the world.

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