Realtime Recording Studios
Student, Musician, Producer / Engineer Norrköping, Sweden

Mixing & Mastering
RRS offers online mixing and mastering at a professional level…
E-mail us so that we can prep your songs for some serious mixing.
From €200 / Track

Vocal Chain Mix (Analog Gear)
SSL Logic 625 EQ
Urei LA4
EL8X-S Distressor
Via Master Bus Compressor G-Series
€10 / Track

Drum Replacement
Kick, snare and toms...
We control the correct phase etc with our own sampled sounds. Major sounds comes from a Sonor drumkit with great true sound and tuned for fullness and sustain... We also control the feel of swing/shuffle, groove etc if you want to. € 80 / song all drums replaced and blended


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