Riggi Media International Inc.
Producer / Engineer, Studio TECUMSEH, Canada

A Full-Service Recording studio utilizing vintage equipment embracing Digital Audio, highlighting a massive live room benefitting your musical creativity.


Services: Mixing, Editing, Studio


have YOUR music streamed in mealtime as it's mixed to YOUR speakers, so you can hear the changes happen. YOU will be able to comment in real time as if you are sitting in the mixing room at the same time. BEST way to get what YOU want. ;-)

Do YOU need re-amping? There are over a dozen amplifiers ready to be used. These are NOT plugins, but the real deal and can be run through the Studio A827 for an incredible fatness and warmth that only tape compression can offer. Your choice of NEVE 1073lb preamps or API 512c.


If YOU want your tracks to be quantized to the grid OR to a groove, this can be done and delivered.

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