Rocco Guarino
Producer / Engineer Los Angeles, United States

Rocco Guarino is a Los Angeles-based record producer and video director. He has been entrusted by some of the biggest names in entertainment to create content that represents their image and brand.

What brought Rocco to his current path began in Hudson Valley, New York, with his first guitar at the age of twelve. By sixteen, he was producing and engineering the band he played bass and keyboards in, and designing the artwork.

This evolved into a passion for imagery, which led him to LA where he was the official videographer for rock supergroup Velvet Revolver for the life of the band. Rocco went on to work with many of his idols, directing their videos and producing their music.

In 2014 he partnered with his long-time friend and collaborator Scott Weiland to transform Scott’s private studio into a commercial recording facility, while serving as studio manager and chief engineer.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer, Studio

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