SW Proffesional audio
Musician, Producer / Engineer London, United Kingdom

My studio is a very modern setup. Using a UAD-2 based, all in the box, system with 10 cores allows for the highest quality analogue emulations to be used with out the need for spending thousands of pounds on decent DA's for outboard processing and of course the equipment itself allowing me to create some great audio chains to purchase where as you may be paying for each individual Processing unit else where. Everything from the classic 1176 into a La2A for vocals, sidechaining techniques for dynamic reverbs and of course buss chains using mastering quality emulations such as a Vertigo VSC-2 into a Manley Massive Passive with Vertigo VSM-3 for some added Midside harmonic content and finally a Sonnox Limiter v2 to bring the level to modern standards. I know many engineers that will admit that if there was a fire and all there equipment went up in smoke they would never be able to afford to buy it again on the now lucrative vintage audio market and as such I've decided to avoid that risk.

Services: Mixing, Editing


I am an 'In the Box' mixer using Protools, DSP based processing and control surfaces to get the results i want; to enhance the emotions and groove of a track. Try to avoid the stigma associated with this workflow and focus on the positives; instant recall, no generational loss from conversion and faster results.

I am a contact mixer in that i like to be in communication with the producer, artist and/or management through out the process. Starting with a Skype call to find out your intent for the song with mix updates through out the process. This saves on recalls and helps make everyone feel like progress is being made rather than the feeling that you have sent your track of to some random bloke and waiting on the reply in the form of your final mix. That just isn't logical to me. Everyone needs to feel like they are still involved.

I am not genre specific, with no run-time limit but do ask for a maximum of 46 tracks with the client committing to a maximum of 3 tracks per instrument.


I can offer a range of editing services including: Pitch correction with MeloDyne 4, Drum replacement using Additive Drum Trigger, General session organization (Protools, Logic, Ableton, Reaper) including consolidating tracks like a studio assistant might perform, Radio Edits and consolidating and arranging songs on to Ableton Live's Push controller for live performance. Let me know if there are specific techniques that compliment your workflow, such as your color code, for the editing as i'm not a mind reader and want to provide you, the client, with exactly what you asked for.

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