Sebastian Lopera G
Musician Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

My name is Sebastian Lopera Gomez , from Medellin - Colombia and currently reside in the same city. I am a Sound Engineer and Audio Production Specialist Post graduate of the University of San Buenaventura Medellín. In 2011 I got the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires - Argentina during five months completing INARTEC School courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production .

After returning to my city and analyze the experiences in " Xtravaganza Studio" (my first recording studio) I decided to set up my own studio which I called " Audiostem " focused on mixing and mastering processes , understanding the importance of this in the musical production and knowing that some independent bands of the city doesn´t care about that.

From that, I had the opportunity to work with : Alcolirykoz, Popcorn, Lelo, Disparen al Mutante, La Raya, Aurora, Grito, Adrián, Stephen Johnson, IRA, Los Crespos, Sobredosis, Johnie All Stars, Tom Sawyer, My Nipples, Calibre 38, Bankrrota, Karma Fox, Solo Valencia, The Other Planet, Lina Agudelo, Silvana, Phantos, Los Only, La Kava, Supermasivo, Oscorpus, Golpe de Estado, No Tocamos Gratis, Dreambox, Elio, Bohemia, LeMaox, La Banca, Panela Sound, Letraset, Morron Acuaman, New State, No Señal, Pepe, Ruido Selecto, Terrasweet, Serpenz, Cacique Kandelo, Enemigo Público, Desierto Sonora, Harbor, In Silence, Mauro Caligula, Niquitown.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Producer

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