simon Ayton
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Other Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

musician, engineer, drummer, knob twiddler with a scope, multimeter and soldering iron always ready ;)

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer


Stem mixing, individual track tweaks or complete re-mixes


Combining valve or discrete outboard with digital depending on desires/music styles and final listening format.


repairs, patch-ups, fades, de-crackling/de-noising or pitch repairs as required. You'd be amazed at what's possible so ask anything!


always free for input and help where you need it.
  • Great as always. Simon's mixes are tasteful and add vibe while respecting the energy of the song. very cool.
  • Absolutely amazing to work with. Quick, professional, with the best results! Can't wait to work with Simon again!