Steve Bartlett
Musician, Producer / Engineer New York, United States

An Australian music producer and engineer with 7 top ten records and charting records in 18 countries, Stephen is also the CEO and Co-Founder of The Audio Hunt, and the lead engineer and producer on the Movement Tracks Project, which explores the cutting edge of recorded music therapy development and interfaces for patients with acute Parkinson's Disease and Cerebral Palsy.

If I'm not in the studio, or working with the great team at The Audio Hunt, you'll likely find me with friends on a bike, climbing a cliff, or enjoying fine food, wine, whiskey and cocktails.

Services: Mixing, Editing, Producer, Studio


With platinum records, and 7 top ten albums, charting in multiple continents, Stephen knows what's need to finish a mix. He has a long background producing and playing on records and has toured in bands, not only does he understand sound, but he will also help push the best music out of you as well. He can pick studios and consoles to suit your songs, and works in many world class facilities in NYC and London. This brings him (and you) access to an unfathomable amount of equipment and experience. Get in touch and start talking about what your project needs.
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  • Excellent! Amazing work
  • Always a pleasure to work with such a passionate audio pro!
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  • Straight job description and good communication! Thank you.