Musician, Producer / Engineer Toronto, Canada

From Chandler CurveBender, Zener, Mixing Console, UBK Fatsos, Retro STA and 176s to NEVE preamps, Distressors and handcrafted Fairchild 660, STUDIOZ has the skillz to go with it. We specialize in Song Creation and Production, Mixing (EDM, Rock, Country) and High-end Mastering (Analog, Digital & Hybrid). We love hearing our client's input and always return spectacular results.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer


From lush analog eq and both tube and transistor compression, to precise digital extractions and transparent limiting, STUDIOZ truly captures the intent of the artist and produces organic mixes that COME ALIVE.


STUDIOZ 's mastering for EDM, Rock and Country is sublime. We blend warm analog goodness with precise and invisible eq to the client's tracks. We offer a homogenous mastering process for entire albums that while being as loud as the competition, does not sacrifice any dynamics.

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