Dave Cowshed
Producer / Engineer London, United Kingdom

Music producer, engineer, mixer, tech addict, coffee connoisseur, with a penchant for vintage audio equipment.

Most recently I have become producer to Naomi Scott (Power Rangers, Aladdin). The Spotify link is for the latest single release from the new EP. I also produced the previous EP, Promises, which can be found on Spotify too. I mix for Melinda Gareh (Unkle, Matt Hardwick) and have engineered for Edwyn Collins (A Girl Like You).

"The most important thing for me was to make sure that I was working with somebody who understood my vision but was also able to adapt to any changes that may be. The width, depth and scope for attention to detail ensured that I was able provide a stimulus in which at times was then executed well beyond my grasp. Therefore, Dave is a G!" - Naomi Scott - Actress/Recording Artist

I am based in West London but I have a lovely studio in North Bucks countryside too.

Looking forward to hearing your work!


Services: Mixing, Producer, Studio


The lines have become blurred between producer and mixer so I don't take a fixed approach to each mix job.

Modern pop sessions come in pretty much complete, so in such instances I look to subtly increase the musicality of the track by:

application of esoteric audio equipment;
increasing the compatibility of the track with varying playback systems;
utilising my Neve console to glue the production together; and
applying that final bit of objectivity to your track to push it over the finishing line.

Modern rock sessions have a tendency to come in a bit more open to interpretation. I am more than happy to make a few appropriate production decisions, e.g. reverbs, delays, re-amping, etc.

Many dance sessions arrive as just a few stems as producer and performer are most often one in the same so they are very clear in their vision. Such work feels a bit more like stem mastering than mixing.

Or, if you just want some analogue summing , no problem.

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