The Lullabye Factory
Studio Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Lullabye Factory: Analog Recording Studio, Booking Agency & Record Label in Amsterdam. We specialise in analog audio production. This means recording to tape and producing music from songwriting to vinyl without digital conversion to get that true HI-FI 70's sound. Our workflow instruments: AMPEX MM1000 16 track 2-inch tape recorder, D&R Orion studio console, EMT 140 PLATE REVERB & more.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Arranging, Producer, Studio


Your multitrack project is recorded onto the legendary AMPEX MM1000 AKA "The Beast”. We mix from tape on our D&R Orion Studio Console with analog outboard gear only. Dynamics and effects: everything analog. You get the idea. And did we mention the EMT 140 Plate Reverb?

Recording to ANALOG Tape makes your music sound warmer, more natural and 'fatter'. Each tape machine gives its own distinctive character to a mix. Based on your preference we can make a smooth clean tape bounce or a 'filled with attitude through the roof' one.


Just want your mix to get that Sweet Analog Sound? We can record it on a REEL to REEL of choice. Each tape machine gives its own distinctive character to a mix. Go for the AMPEX for thick, lustrous sound. Telefunken is the way to go for that clean sweet TAPE glue for REEL.

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