Kangaroo Moon Recording
Producer / Engineer Sydney, Australia

Hi, I’m Nathaniel Chan aka Nat Love. As a music industry professional with over 17 years international experience, I offer services in engineering editing, mixing, mastering and producing. I have worked on records sold in excess of 6 million and have Grammy, Juno and Brit awards wins. For a full bio please visit my website.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer, Studio


My favourite aspect of engineering is mixing.

Technically this is the balancing, equalisation and processing of discretely recorded musical components, (re)recorded to an appropriate delivery format (usually stereo or multichannel surround), in order to create the final sonic “picture” of a production. Objectively, a good mix should present faithfully on a wide variety of consumer and professional playback systems and present a balance appropriate to its musical genre and intended market.

A great mix should also reveal the strengths innate in the recorded material and evoke the “spirit” of the music for the listener, as intended by the recording artist/producer.


This is the final “polish” or refinement applied to a mix by way of extra creative and/or corrective equalisation and processing. Usually a more objective approach is required here. A good “master” should be able to compete sonically with similar material in its intended market with respect to average/peak loudness and frequency response.

For projects on a budget I can provide this as an independent service. Otherwise, I would recommend this process be carried out by a specialist mastering engineer. Having worked with some of the best in the business I can consult with my clients and recommend an engineer who might best suit their project.


I am able to precisely and transparently “fine tune” recorded material, fix mistakes or alter performances by way of timing and/or tuning correction.

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