The Park Studios
Producer / Engineer, Studio London, United Kingdom

A Unique Complex of Creative Music Recording and Mixing Studios, With amazing analogue and digital equipment In North West London.

Two Recording Studios, two production booths, and Recording Lounge. The Park Studios premier recording Studio 1 and control/mixing room, centered around a SSL AWS 900+ SE console locked to a fully expanded Pro Tools HD5 rig.

Services: Mixing, Studio


At The Park Studios we have mixed a diverse range of interesting and unique artists. We have the expertise and equipment to bring your tracks to life with a striking, professional quality which enhances your creative vision.

Our head engineer Tobin Jones is an accomplished mix engineer with a versatility and passion which spans a variety of genres. Tobin revels in the nuance of sound and finds unique and creative ways to bring out the artist’s aesthetic, using vintage analogue and digital equipment he adds warmth, texture and character.

Some of Tobin’s favourite pieces of equipment for signal processing are his 1970’s Wem Power Mixer, his beautiful 1950 Slivertone valve amp and his many vintage tape delays.

Tobin has worked with many creative and unique artists such as Powell, Bo Ningen and Gaggle and has worked for labels such as XL, R&S, Diagonal, Stolen, Transgressive and Hassle.

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