Producer / Engineer, Studio Chicago, IL, United States

Hi, my name Reginald aka #thesamplerking. I am a music producer, mix engineer and mastering engineer. I have experience across the board from song creation to album completion. I work in all electronic genres (hip-hop, trap, r&b, EDM, house, dance, dancehall, etc), pop, rock, soul, gospel, spoken word, voice over, sound design and post-production.

My rates are as follows:

Standard Studio time is $60 p/hr in our A room and $50 p/hr in our B room. 4 and 8-hour blocks available.

Flat rate song mixes start at $250+ per song
Flat rate mastering starts at $100 per song

Processing Fees are negotiable.

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer, Studio


I am capable of full 32 channel analog mixing, in the box mixing and hybrid mixing setups. I have at my disposal all of the classics; LA-2A, Tube-Tech CLB1, API 550A, UA 1176, Distressor, Bricasti M7, and many others. As well as the best of in the box selections from UAD, Slate, Waves etc. so whichever setup you would like I can provide.

Also I provide 32 channel analog summing services, API 1608, for those who may just need that analog flavoring after they have completed their own mixes.

Other mix services indlude:
Mix Buss Compression
Drum Buss Compression
Drum Parallel Compression
Vocal Editing/Tuning (Melodyne/Auto-Tune)


I provide full analog mastering services.


I provide vocal editing services. I use Melodyne, Antares Auto-Tune, and various other tools. This service is separate from the standard mixing services and is a rate of $20/hr

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