Toby Deschamps
Musician, Producer / Engineer, Studio, Other Berlin, Germany

First of all: Thank you for reaching my profile.
I'm a soundengineer, sound and gear enthusiast since 1995.
I can help you in enriching your mixes, track restauration, arrangement and overall studio consulting.
Aside of channel based production (mono, stereo, 5.1) i also can mix spacialized 3D audio (production and mixing for Ambisonic, Wavefieldysnthesis and Binaural).

Services: Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Producer


Can provide out of the box mixing via Neve 8816 summing mixer. Software used: UAD Plugins and many others available on request.
Specialised on 3D Audio (Wavefieldsynthesis, Ambisonic, Binaural)


Can provide premastering and audio restoration service. Software in use: full izotope range, full zynaptic range and many others available on request.


many years of experience in postproduction, production, sound aesthetics and sound art

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