Ultimate Studios Inc
Studio Los Angeles, United States

Ultimate Studios, Inc is a boutique, state of the art, production facility for artists and bands to collaborate, create, and record. Ultimate Studios, Inc's team can assist artists through the entire creative process including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production.

Our ultimate goal is to help bands, artists, and music companies build a strong brand for a lasting career.


Services: Mixing, Mastering, Studio


Each and every individual track is included in the mix. Everything is processed by a combination of new digital technology and vintage analog greatness! All your tracks will run through an awesome sounding analog console and a rack full of analog compressors and eq's. Each one of your songs will be given the attention they deserve!

Charlie believes there is simply no better way to get width and depth than using analog circuitry and Ultimate Studios, Inc is outfitted with a fantastic sounding 24 channel 72 input Trident 88 console. Countless classic albums have been recorded and mixed on Trident consoles. Yours should be next!

**Complete mixes include:
2 revisions
Full Mix
Instrumental Mix
TV Mix
Accapella Mix


Mastering is the final stage before your songs are released to the wild. Our philosophy on mastering is not to try and make our "stamp" on the sound. It's to make your songs work together. You've already spent time getting the mixes the way you want them to sound (especially if we've mixed your tracks!) so all we try to do is make sure everything works together. The song, your songs, are our masters and we only do what they need.

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